Product Developer (資安系統程式開發)

Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Synology's product developers create cutting-edge products used by millions of users around the world. Our portfolio of data storage, networking, and surveillance products are powered by our own software solutions, giving us a unique edge in today's crowded market. We are looking for engineers that can make an impact, bringing in fresh ideas from different areas to help expand our team of high-energy developers.

Job Description

Today's threats are constantly evolving and increasing in frequency and sophistication. New security paradigms need keep up with today's distributed services and zero trust model. You will be developing security frameworks for Synology products and designing forward-thinking defense mechanisms. We are seeking security engineers to join our blue or red team to help Synology bolster our defenses against malicious threats.

You will:
- In the blue team, you will implement and monitor security measures to protect our computer systems, including tracking CVEs, creating and maintaining SBoMs, and developing and implementing Synology’s cloud service. You also have the opportunity to design frameworks or help other teams to design products safely.
- In the red team, you will be responsible for analyzing reports from our bug bounty program. You will enhance product security through code reviews and penetration tests. We also engage with the hacker community by joining the DEFCON and Pwn2Own contests.


You are expected to have:
- Experience in C++, Golang, or PHP
- Familiarity with cybersecurity concepts
- Understanding or experience with DevOps/DevSecOps practice
- Understanding or experience with containers or Kubernetes
- Knowledge in common authentication technologies including OAuth, SAML, and TOTP

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