Product Developer (深度學習應用開發)

Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Synology's product developers create cutting-edge products used by millions of users around the world. Our portfolio of data storage, networking, and surveillance products are powered by our own software solutions, giving us a unique edge in today's crowded market. We are looking for engineers that can make an impact, bringing in fresh ideas from different areas to help expand our team of high-energy developers.

Job Description

Video surveillance solutions are ubiquitous and vital in maintaining accountability in our society today. They can serve as silent witnesses to a scene, act as a deterrent, and often simply serve as a means to reassure a property owner. Synology has been consistently innovating in the field of video surveillance, leveraging our storage expertise to built robust, feature-rich, and cost-effective solutions that are overseeing countless locations today. You’ll be joining an experienced team to build our next generation products.

You will:
- Create more capable video surveillance solutions using computer vision and deep learning techniques
- Develop user-facing frontend applications using JavaScript
- Optimize for performance and increase the reliability and capabilities of the entire system, whether through traditional or more creative techniques
- Stay on top of cutting-edge machine learning developments and techniques


You are expected to have:
- Proficiency in C/C++, Python
- Experience with concurrent programming / multithreading techniques
- Experience with or a strong understanding of computer vision and deep learning applications and processes
- Experience with or a strong understanding of deep learning, CNNs, and inferencing 
- Proficiency with at least one framework: Tensorflow, PyTorch, or Keras
- Proficiency with TensorRT or OpenVINO inference engines
- Familiarity with programming in Linux environments
- Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well alone or as part of a team

We're targeting candidates with:
- Experience with designing and implementing object detection, object tracking, or face recognition algorithms
- Experience in developing CUDA or OpenCL programs
- Experience in developing real-time video analytics applications

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