Product Management & Marketing

eCommerce Specialist / Project Manager

Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Tens of millions of customers worldwide use Synology's solutions to tackle IT challenges such as data management and infrastructure security. In addition to functionality, speed and ease of acquisition are significant criteria in driving the adoption of any product. Our eCommerce team simplifies access to our products, upgrades, and services.

Job Description

Project managers are fundamental in coordinating complex tasks between different teams. Synology's eCommerce team will span multiple regions, requiring constant collaboration between all of Synology's regional subsidiaries and our global partners to ensure success.

You will:
- Oversee day-to-day eCommerce operations on a global scale
- Define and draft policies and SOPs to enable local, regional teams to operate smoothly
- Analyze sales statistics and reports while identifying places for potential growth and optimization
- Work with other teams to ensure accurate product and pricing information
- Collaborate with developers, designers, and other teams to improve the customer experience of the platform
- Become the main driving force behind eCommerce marketing, business, and other initiatives


You are expected to have:
- 2+ years of managing eCommerce/online storefront experience 
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills for cross-team collaboration
- Strong attention to detail and being well-organized even under pressure
- Proactive mindset: Keen to take up challenges and explore effective solutions
- Fluency in English and Chinese (Mandarin)


$ NT$ 35000 - 50000

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