Product Developer (分散式系統軟體開發)

Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Synology's product developers create cutting-edge products used by millions of users around the world. Our portfolio of data storage, networking, and surveillance products are powered by our own software solutions, giving us a unique edge in today's crowded market. We are looking for engineers that can make an impact, bringing in fresh ideas from different areas to help expand our team of high-energy developers.

Job Description

Data storage requirements continue to increase as businesses generate and store more information. In order to meet tomorrow’s demands, our solutions need to be faster, even more reliable, and most importantly of all, be able to grow together with our customers. We’re looking to push the boundaries on building a distributed storage solution that is as easy to deploy as our existing products.

You will:
- Conduct feasibility studies and ensure implementations of cutting-edge storage and networking subsystems
- Diagnose and refactor the architecture and design of distributed storage systems
- Carry out regular reviews and analyses of various architectures, designs, and bug fixes to ensure product robustness and quality


You are expected to have:
- Experience in system or cloud administration
- Familiarity with concurrent programming and debugging in C/C++
- Familiarity with system programming in Linux environments
- Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Genuine passion for delivering high-performance and reliable systems

We're targeting candidates with:
- Experience in developing at least one distributed storage system, e.g., Swift, Ceph, Gluster, etc
- Familiarity with distributed algorithms, e.g., Paxos, Raft, consistent hash, erasure code, etc
- Familiarity with C++11
- Experience in systems analysis and efficiency improvement tools

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