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Product Management & Marketing

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We are builders of data storage products for millions of users around the world. Our customer base is diverse and can span from just a user wanting to backup their photos to large enterprises storing mission-critical work to deliver the next big thing. We’re looking for someone that can define our brand and our products through planning and executing regional marketing efforts.

Job Description

As a Marketing Specialist, you’ll be responsible for generating brand awareness in certain regions. Develop marketing strategies with your team members to drive the adoption of Synology’s solutions. We’re looking for creative individuals that can utilize both existing and disruptive tactics to build out our brand reputation.

You will:
- Develop marketing plans with clear program objectives, target audiences, tactics, content, and ROI measurement
- Build and maintain relationships with KOLs and media contacts
- Liaise with key contacts such as PR, event, and advertising agencies
- Foster relations through press conferences, briefings, campaigns, and other marketing events
- Leverage digital marketing tools and techniques to increase brand awareness

You’ll fit right in if some of these describe you:
- You are persuasive.
As part of a team that defines how the public sees Synology, your words and presentations are always finely tuned to ensure that your projects make maximum impact, just the way you anticipated it.
- You work well with others.
Some projects are big and involve many people across different divisions and even countries. You must be able to work well with your team and external contacts, using available communications and collaborative tools to increase efficiency and reduce misunderstandings.
- You enjoy challenges.
Not all projects fit comfortably on your plate, but you’ll deliver high-quality work nevertheless. Whether it is through good time management skills, inspiring your team members to work harder, or negotiating with other contacts, you can deal with tough deadlines, difficult topics, and sometimes unexpected challenges.


You are expected to have:
- Good command of English in both speaking and writing
- Basic familiarity with Mandarin (listening ability only)

We're targeting candidates with:
- Existing experience or knowledge in IT/networking/storage and interest in new technologies
- Working experience in the public relations and marketing industry

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