Product Management & Marketing

Corporate Marketing Specialist/Manager

Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

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Synology is a global technology leader empowering millions of users—from small businesses to large enterprises. Our products range from advanced storage systems and backup solutions to cutting-edge cloud services. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, we are setting the standard for tomorrow's digital world, ensuring our customers' data is secure, accessible, and maximized to its full potential.

Job Description

Navigating across multiple markets and effectively presenting Synology is no small feat—it is a complex yet deeply rewarding challenge at the heart of our Corporate Marketing and Communications team. Our mission is to craft strategic and tailored communications that deliver impactful results for the entire brand, spanning many product lines, solutions, and regions.

As a Corporate Marketing Specialist/Manager, you will become the storyteller of Synology. Your role will encompass creating high-level marketing content, the design of impactful marketing programs, and the meticulous implementation of initiatives and strategies across our regional teams. In this role, you're more than a marketer. You'll be Synology's brand ambassador, strategist, and thought leader. 

You will:
- Establish and maintain global media connections
- Work with regional teams to develop and execute global branding campaigns, including securing high-value customer stories
- Provide necessary consultancy to support regional teams in corporate-level communications and on achieving our branding and marketing objectives
- Regularly work with multiple business units to update and build new branding materials
- Work on large-scale surveys to generate actionable insight and usable collateral
- Identify marketing activity and communication bottlenecks and develop solutions, such as implementing better performance metrics, for each regional team


You are expected to have:
- A minimum of 3 years of marketing experience in the technology industry
- Exceptional communication skills, with a strong command of English (spoken and written)
- A detail-oriented and goal-driven mindset, capable of multitasking effectively to deliver results
- A strong teamwork and collaboration mindset, with the ability to work effectively with multiple other teams at once, including those in remote time zones 

We are additionally targeting candidates with:
- Fluency in Mandarin
- Experience or familiarity working with datacenter, data management, video surveillance, IT SaaS solutions, and backup solutions

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