Product Management & Marketing


Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

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Synology creates data storage infrastructure that serves as the foundation for many other businesses. Our solutions range from data management, to AI-powered video surveillance, and even hybrid-cloud systems designed for maximum scalability and resiliency. Data is at the heart of what we do, and we are looking for someone that can help define our brand and products.

Job Description

As a copywriter on our Global Marketing Team, you will be working with a dedicated team responsible for delivering unified and accurate marketing strategies and content. You'll be responsible for identifying market trends, demands and desires of both existing and potential customers, and then deliver our value proposition. You will collaborate with both hardware and software development teams to build a comprehensive go-to-market plan for each product launch. 

You will:
- Develop and refine customer-facing content, such as our website, to describe and market our latest products and solutions
- Collaborate with sales and other regional marketing teams to create compelling marketing campaigns and deliver customer success stories
- Craft well-timed, engaging, and informative content through a variety of mediums, such as live streaming, blog posts, interviews, and more
- Help define Synology to our business and enterprise customers and partners through careful word and tone, in addition to marketing perspectives

You’ll fit right in if some of these describe you:
- You love to tinker with computers.
You're no stranger to building your own homelab, whether setting up a custom media server or configuring security policies on your network firewall. You are passionate about trying new things and aren't afraid of testing things out for yourself. 
- You are a storyteller.
Our products are not the typical consumer gadget, but you understand how to engage and captivate our target audience. You can craft interesting and insightful stories with just the right mix of technical depth and marketing allure.
- You work well with others.
Lone-wolf or team-player, you are adaptable depending on the size and scope of the project. You're great at using available communication paths and collaborative tools to increase everyone's efficiency, 
- You're up for a challenge.
Not all projects fit comfortably on your plate, but you'll deliver high-quality work nevertheless. You can deal with tight deadlines and difficult projects through good time management skills.


You are expected to have:
- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English (previous writing experience is a plus)
- Mandarin communication skills (reading/writing optional)

We're targeting candidates with:
- >3 Years of experience with marketing, PR, or copywriting work
- Experience in IT/technology fields

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