Product Management & Marketing

Technical Documentation Specialist

Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Products should be easy to use. We take great care ensuring our solutions are easy to pick up and understand. As a member of the Technical Documentation Team, you uphold information clarity even for difficult and complex solutions. We make the difficult simple and ensure that product documentation is up to date and meets the ever evolving needs of our users.

Job Description

Technical Documentation Specialist form the backbone of our products. Without documentation, even the very best of functionality goes to waste. You’ll be working closely with engineering and product management teams to deliver clear and accurate documentation. You’ll be working on a handful of different products and software solutions, moving between researching, writing, and then monitoring for feedback.

You will:
- Consistently deliver high-quality documentation targeted at various audiences, including users, IT administrators, and decision-makers
- Revise product content and keep them updated with ongoing feature releases and updates
- Manage documentation projects with thorough planning and constant coordination with stakeholders and subject matter experts
- Proficiently identify and gather necessary information and supply value-added content based on this information
- Conduct thorough reviews for other writers


You are expected to have:
- Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Ability to adapt quickly and work successfully in a culturally diverse environment

We're targeting candidates with:
- Familiarity with InDesign and HTML
- Strong interest in networking and information technology
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience
- 2 years of technical writing or related experience

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