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Product Management & Marketing

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Today’s world runs on and generates an almost unthinkable amount of data each second. Businesses of all sizes and every person contributes to this new form of global currency. Our NAS, IPSAN, networking, and surveillance solutions greatly simplify traditionally complex IT problems. Synology’s Product Management Team is the primary conduit bridging development, marketing, sales, and others together. We analyze then align the direction of development with the needs of the market. We break down complex problems into steps to drive product development forward.

Job Description

Synology NAS devices are used by millions of users out in the world, ranging from casual home users to enterprises that serve millions of users. Your responsibility is to understand how they may use our products, come up with ways to improve upon functionality and usage experience, and see through the execution of your proposal. As an intern on our team, you will be part of task force responsible for shaping Synology's future.

You will:
- Assist or take responsibility for miscellaneous tasks on the team
- Work with other product managers to design, develop, implement, launch, and then support new services and features for our products
- Develop and execute plans under a set of implementation and delivery time constraints, balancing features with the amount of development time required
- Facilitate collaboration both within your team and across departments using clear and concise communications and documentation
- Arrange external and internal meetings, including recording meeting notes
- Record and live-stream internal training sessions on a weekly basis
- Monitor and analyze user feedback on social media and Synology Community


You are expected to have:
- Minimum of 6 months availability for full-time work
- Analytical and solution-oriented background, with excellent people skills and structured problem solving capabilities
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as effective analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills


Hourly wage 180 NTD/Month

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