Product Developer (行動應用軟體開發)


Department Info

Synology's product developers create cutting edge products used by millions of users around the world. Our portfolio of data storage, networking, and surveillance products are powered by our own software solutions, giving us a unique edge in today's crowded market. We are looking for engineers that can make an impact, bringing in fresh ideas from different areas to help expand our team of high-energy developers.

Job Description

This past decade saw a paradigm shift in the medium used as the primary source of information consumption. The ubiquitous smartphone is becoming the dominant form factor for many consumers, replacing desktops and laptops for many things such as multimedia streaming, obtaining the news, learning about what happened from friends and colleagues, and even banking. You'll be working with our developers and UI/UX designers to deliver mobile applications that complement our storage solutions and can be a viable replacement for mobile-only users.

You'll fit right in if these describe you:
- You like solving difficult problems.
You are always looking for ways to make something better in unique and innovative ways. You aren't content to leaving things as-is. Life to you is a never-ending optimization or refactoring process.
- You work well collaboratively and when on your own.
Sometimes you'll be the superhero, sprinting through bugs and feature requests like an Olympic runner. Sometimes you understand that everyone needs to communicate and make compromises where necessary.
- You put yourself in the shoes of your users.
Understanding how people use our products drives you to create better user experiences, and you feel great about it. You are probably an avid smartphone user.


You are expected to have:
- A passion to write clean, well thought out code
- Proficiency in programming languages of iOS (Swift/Objective-C) or Android (Kotlin/Java)

We're targeting candidates with:
- Experience in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Fastlane, Gitlab
- Experience in publishing iOS/Android applications
- Familiarity with UI test and unit test
- Familiarity with profiling tools

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