Product Management & Marketing

Project Manager (Global Marketing)

Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

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Synology creates data storage infrastructure that serves as the foundation for many other businesses. Our solutions range from data management to AI-powered video surveillance, and even hybrid and dedicated cloud products designed for maximum scalability and resiliency. Data is at the heart of what we do. We are looking for someone that can help define our brand and products.

Job Description

A product's success in the market is not only defined by the engineering behind it, but also the positioning, or in other words, how we posture and push it out the door. Your role in Global Marketing is to research, gather customer insight, and then make informed decisions to craft our go-to-market strategy. Project Managers are highly cross-functional, working closely with your marketing team members and also colleagues in development and business development teams. You'll be responsible for digging deep into data, driving analytics, and producing critical insight that drives our initiatives.

You will:
- Conduct detailed market and customer research, digging into the details behind purchase decisions, how key players are moving, and develop valuable insight for other teams to align their efforts.
- Understand how to scope and execute complex projects, often working with other cross-functional teams to produce accurate and high-quality deliverables.
- Develop and refine marketing strategies based on a thorough understanding of both internal development and external market movements.
- Closely work with content marketing and copywriting teams to execute on plans for reaching different customer segments, including creating campaigns, marketing collateral, and more.
- Operate on a global scale, co-working with multiple regional teams across the world, adapting your strategies to local needs while balancing brand consistency and downstream team resources.


You are expected to have:
- 3+ years of relevant work experience in marketing, product marketing, product management, or strategic planning roles
- Experience working in consumer electronics, server, or enterprise IT equipment markets
- Clear and concise communications skills in English and Chinese, able to deliver updates in an efficient manner, while being able to accurately convey the importance of matters to stakeholders

We're targeting candidates with:
- Experience working with both B2B and B2C marketing objectives
- Excellent problem solving experience, and can showcase how they took on difficult challenges in the past - it is highly recommended you send examples together with your resume

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