Product Management & Marketing

Cloud Product Specialist

Product Management & Marketing
Taipei, Taiwan

Department Info

Almost all organizations today rely on one or more cloud-based SaaS solutions to fulfill IT requirements. Synology has two decades of experience creating class-leading products across storage, backup, networking, and surveillance industries, and we're now putting that expertise into hybrid cloud and cloud native solutions. Synology’s Cloud Product Management Team is the primary conduit bridging development, marketing, sales, and others together. We analyze then align the direction of development with the needs of the market. We break down complex problems into steps to drive product development forward.

Job Description

Our users are ranging from casual home users to enterprises that serve millions of users. Your responsibility is to understand how they may use our products, come up with ways to improve upon functionality and usage experience, and see through the execution of your proposal. Most of the time you’ll be working with engineering as you refine roadmaps and project proposals. As the project matures, you’ll move in to support our customer facing teams so ensure accurate message delivery.

You’ll fit right in if some of these describe you:
- You like challenges.
Some projects are difficult because of certain reasons, such as needing to support legacy clients, or due to a very specific business concern. You need to understand, resolve them, or work around these roadblocks.
- You are creative.
Do you think you can do something better? Draft up a presentation, draw a few wireframes, and prepare that proposal! Synology is open to new ideas, regardless of which project you’re assigned to. If you have an idea, we’re all ears.
- You find motivation and pride in your projects.
You’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your project shines, whether that means thinking out of the box or drafting up plans or SOPs that aren’t usually your responsibilities.
- You are a problem solver at heart.
You often spot potential problems or issues and work to resolve them, even before they happen.
- You are a great communicator.
You work well with others, especially on large projects spanning multiple teams. You know when to compromise and settle for something different from what you originally had in mind.
- You aren’t afraid of failure.
Failure is what drives us forward. Even the brightest, most-successful people fail sometimes. Your attitude is just like theirs, you brush it off, learn from it, and keep going forward.


You are expected to have:
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience

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