Product Developer (軟體測試架構開發)

Taipei, Taiwan


Synology’s product developers create cutting edge products used by millions of users around the world. Our portfolio of data storage, networking, and surveillance products are powered by our own software solutions, giving us a unique edge in today’s crowded market. We are looking for engineers that can make an impact, bringing in fresh ideas from different areas to help expand our team of high-energy developers.


We're looking for a problem solver at heart, always tinkering and discovering new ways to build and tear things apart. As a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), you'll be tasked with anticipating both immediate and long-term problems, plan and build out solutions to address them, and ultimately help us build a better product to solve real-world problems.

You will:
- Build and deploy automation infrastructure (Jenkins Pipeline / Gitlab Pipeline)
- Identity problems on complex systems and collaborate with others to come up with designs and strategies in dealing with them
- Create tools to improve the engineering/QA process, including testability across teams, helping promote the ownership of quality

You'll fit right in if these describe you:
- You enjoy writing code with high quality.
You are always looking for ways to make something better in unique and creative ways. You aren't content to leaving things as-is. Life to you is a never-ending optimization or refactoring process.
- You enjoy writing tests.
Coding is not only coding. You think the definition of “good code” is code with reasonable code coverage.
- You work well collaboratively and when on your own.
Sometimes you'll be the superhero, sprinting through bugs and feature requests like an Olympic runner. Sometimes you understand that everyone needs to communicate and make compromises where necessary.


You're expected to have:
- A passion for perfection - Always looking for ways to make things better. You aren't content to leave things as is.
- Knowledge of testing - You understand that coding isn't just about getting things done. Process and discipline matter too.
- Ability to work well with others - Your work is an integral part of everything we do. You're able to collaborate and communicate with others well. 

We're targeting candidates with:
- Experience with Ansible
- Experience with Apache Groovy / Node.js
- Experience with CI systems (e.g. Jenkins, GitLab)
- Familiarity with Unix/Linux
- Significant experience with Git
- Proficiency in Python or C++
- Prior front-end development experience (JavaScript / CSS / HTML)



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